Review Management
(Review Lead)

How do clients & Customers Use reviews?

95% Search for local businesses online

91% Read online reviews about local business

Most consumers look at 2+ review sites before deciding

84% people trust online reviews as much as a personal

73% of consumers think that reviews older than 3 months
aren’t relevant

Based off of the results below, most people would choose to call Scapes Inc for their services. Now imagine this is your competitor beating you because you have less reviews and a lower rating. Lets get started with your review management system.

So how do you think you fare in reviews? We are currently offering free consultations to see how you are doing. Yes free!!!!

Customer Testimonials

We will prepare a report similar to this one for your business. Then we will show you where you can improve on your review situation. This report helps determine where you need to focus your reviews. Whether it is on social media, google, yelp, etc. We can then automate your reviews to go to those specific sites to increase rankings and attract new customers.

review lead
review lead

Features of Review Lead

Multi Site Monitoring

We monitor the following sites on a daily basis for new reviews: Google, Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp and many more.

Multi Level Reporting

Our system can deliver automatic reports at the corporate, regional, district, or store level. 

Email Alerts

When your business receives a new review, our system will automatically notify you via email and phone. Allowing you to go see what your customers are saying about your business. 

Response Options

Withing your email alerts you’ll have the option to respond to your online review. Making it easier to maintain good customer relations with your clients. 

Unlimited Locations

Whether your business has 5 locations or 10,000 locations, our dashboard makes it easy to manage your online reviews. 

Store By Store Rankings

Compare how your stores rank against each other with our custom ranking system.  

Lets get started?